10 Emotions You Experience During a Game of Beer Pong

10 Emotions You Experience During a Game of Beer Pong

April 12, 2016

Beer pong can be a rollercoaster. One minute you're up, the other you're down. You blame your partner and sometimes yourself. From the minute you step up to the table, the feels begin. Here are the steps you go through in each game of pong:


You just walked up to the table for your first game of the night. You’ve found the perfect partner and you’re feeling good. You’ve had a few beers and it’s given you a rush of power.


If you don’t suck, you’ve made at least one cup. That HUGE in your mind. You’re on your way to victory, even if you’re behind. You won’t be skunked and that’s important. You start trash talking the other team. You’re being extra clever today. You high five our partner, tell them they’re great.


They’re two cups ahead. Your partner accidentally knocked one of your own cups off the table, giving them an extra advantage. You have to make the next few shots to keep up. They’re too close for comfort.


Your partner isn’t keeping up. It’s like they don’t even care! They’re talking to spectators and shooting willy-nilly. You keep scolding them, but they laugh in your face. They tell you, It’s just a game. But that’s what losers say.


You’re regretting all the trash talk you spit at the beginning. You’re getting killed. You have five cups left and they are down to two. You shouldn’t have played, or maybe you should’ve picked a better partner. You look like a fool.


Two rounds have gone by and they haven’t made a single shot. Meanwhile, you’ve whittled your rack down to three cups. You’re closing in on them. Maybe there’s still a chance.


You’re both down to two cups. The other team is flustered. They can’t make anything. They’re starting to turn on each other. You use this to your advantage. You bring back the trash talk and start to pump up your partner. Morale is boosted and domination feels inevitable.


You’re both down to one cup. The pressure is on. The game could go either way. You’re nervous. You’ve worked this hard, what if it was all a waste?


You won and you’ve never been this happy. You hug your partner. Tell them you never doubted their abilities. You vow eternal love and friendship.


You’re back to the beginning. Ready to kick some ass.