The Hop-pocalypse is Coming

The Hop-pocalypse is Coming

April 19, 2016

There are just too many hipsters drinking craft beer and not enough rain to keep up. Due to a long, hot, and dry summer, European hops farms are struggling and they just can't keep up with demand in the US.

Due to the lack of crops, European farmers have been forced to raise hop prices by up to 50% of their original costs, leaving small American breweries scrambling. 

Don't freak out yet.

Most breweries have pre-existing contracts with hop farms that protect them from price increases, but supplies are lower making it more difficult for newer, more hipster-y breweries to keep up. 

Hispters Drinking Craft BeerThe craft beer phenomenon was started in 1980 when Sierra Nevada debuted their classic Pale Ale that is still popular in today’s bars.

Craft beer sales make up about 21% of all overall beer sales in the United States, with Millennials being the biggest cheerleaders. If we don't have our craft beer, how are we going to prove that we know a thing or two about alcohol? Are we to stoop as low as to argue the prominence of Budweiser in our culture? Or shall we live in ignorance and pretend the hop drought isn't happening?

It might be time to head to the store and stock up for the impending hop-pocalypse.