How to Host a Better Beer Olympics

How to Host a Better Beer Olympics

May 10, 2016

The Beer Olympics is one of summer’s favorite traditions. It’s a combination of ruthless physical competition and endless beer consumption. The rules are simple and the outcome is fantastic.

If you want to impress your friends with a better-than-ever Beer Olympics party, follow these simple tips for success:

Make the Teams

Legends of the Hidden Temple Teams

Depending on your squad, this could be really easy, or it could be really hard. Teams must have between 4 and 6 people on each team and they must choose a country to represent. Generally, the host gets to be Team USA—it’s only fair.

If your group is hard to corral, don’t give them the opportunity to throw a coups d'état. Choose teams for them and designate them a country—or better yet, just give team colors instead of countries—Legends of the Hidden Temple style.

Find a Referee

You Can't Do That Referee

Someone will need to keep everyone in line during the games. Competition brings out the worst in people and drunk competition is even more dangerous. The referee drinks for free all day and his/her word is law. Penalties include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheating
  • Spilling beer
  • Changing the music
  • Not respecting house rules
  • Breaking a glass (although, you should really use plastic)
  • Damaging a ping pong ball

Throw a Bitchin’ Opening Ceremony

Katy Perry Firework

If you’re doing it right, each team will come up with their own introduction. This can be anything from a flash mob to a team slam poem—something that differentiates them from the other teams. The referee will read the rules, the medals are showcased, and everyone shakes hands. If you’re feeling ambitious, everyone could to a Shotgun Tip-off, as their last final act as friends.

Decide on Scoring

Adrienne Big Brother 

Many groups decide that low score wins, but this can get pretty tricky the more you drink. To make it easier, give points based on the number of teams. If you have 5 total teams, the scoring would be based on a 1-5 for each event. The winning team gets 5, while the losing team only gets 1, etc. At the end, the highest team wins.

There is one exception: The winning team can be challenged at any point.

  • Funnel Challenge. Choose your two best drinkers to play. This can be played as an event or a challenge. If your team is in last, you can challenge the number one seed to a funnel race. If the first place team loses, they must trade points with the other team.

Choose the Main Events

Amazing Race Team

The number of events should reflect the numbers of teams. It should also reflect the attention span of your squad. The safe number of events is 5—one game for each Olympic ring. The event line-up should include a delicate balance of beer sports and physical activity. This isn’t just about drinking—it’s also about showcasing your athletic ability. Events are to be determined by the host and include, but are not limited to:

  • Beer Pong. A classic.
    • This should be played the proper way. House rules apply. Reduce the risk of broken, lost or dirty balls by playing with a PongCaddie net.
  • Dizzy Bat. This can be played as a team game or an individual game.
    • Team Game. As a team game, you play the game of whiffle bat, but instead of a pitcher, you fill the bat with beer, chug it, spin around, then pitch it to yourself. Once you hit it, run to first base. If you miss, it’s a strike out.
    • Solo Game. Each member of the team must chug their dizzy bat, spin, hit the can and run to a certain point. If a team member doesn’t hit it, or doesn’t make it to the end point, it counts against the team.
    • Relay Race. Dizzy Bat can be added as an even in the relay race.
  • Survivor Flip Cup. Or you can play classic flip cup, but that’s kind of lame.
    • Survivor flip cup is an intense twist on the classic party game. During survivor mode, two teams face off. The losing team has to remove a player from their side before round two. This game continues until one team is defeated. This way, you drink more beer, thus upholding the standards of the Beer Olympics.
  • Civil War. This is fight-to-the-death beer pong.
    • Teams face off for a game of beer pong, but the cups are set up differently and the gameplay is non-stop. Unlike regular beer pong, you don’t have to wait your turn to shoot. As soon as you get a ball, fire it. The first team to clear all of the cups is the winner.
  • Kan-Jam/Cornhole. You can’t do both—they’re basically the same game and they generally take awhile to play.
  • Easter Beer Hunt. It’s as simple as it sounds. Each team hides a number of beers that equals that of another team. Each team will look for the beers marked for their team—whoever finds all their beers first wins—other teams follow.
  • Kickball. This can be done one of two ways depending on the team situation.
    • Team event. If you have a lot of teams, you can combine a few of them to create larger super teams. It gives everyone a chance to work together and reminds everyone that deep down, we’re all still friends.
    • Homerun Derby. Alternatively, this can be like a homerun derby. Each player has 3 chances to kick a homerun and earn a point for their team.
  • Relay Race. This should be the final test. Events during the race depend on the choices of the host.
    • Easy. The simplest way to play is a combination of beer pong and flip cup. At the first station, you must shoot the ball into the cup and chug it. You move on to the flip cup station where you chug and flip before running to the third. At the third stop, you bounce the ball into a cup and chug. Run back, tag your next teammate, and repeat.
    • Hard. If your squad wants to be challenged, put all the games together. Throw in a dizzy bat event and a cornhole challenge. It’s really up to you and what you have around the house. If you have a bucket, pretend it’s a basketball net. If you have plyometric ladders, use them! Make the game your own.

Make a Tiebreaker

Billy Madison Smart

Although this is rare, it can happen. There needs to be a tiebreaker challenge. It can be anything—a physical challenge or a drinking challenge, but by this point, you’re already pretty hammered, so why not mix it up? Make the tiebreaker a trivia round. Five questions—whoever knows the most, wins!

Host a Closing Ceremony

The Office Champagne

This is where the medals are given out. Gold, silver, and bronze. Everyone else is out of luck. If you’re feeling super classy, end the games with a champagne toast.