11 Epic Beer Pong Fails

11 Epic Beer Pong Fails

May 11, 2016

Lets face it–when you mix alcohol with physical activity, things tend to go wrong. Beer pong isn't a sport for the light-hearted. To play, you must be able to stand on two feet and throw a small, lightweight ball with one hand, hopefully making it into a plastic cup.

Sounds easy right?

Wrong. Some people just can't figure it out.

The guy who broke the table


The Guy Who Just Wanted to Help

The Guy Who Really Wanted to Play

The Guy Who Thought He Was Kobe

The Shirtless Guys Who Couldn't Keep it Together

The Guy Who Tried to Play it Cool

The Guy Who Tried to Be a Ballerina

The Girl Who Couldn't Break the Table

The Guy Who Knows How to Make an Exit

The Guy Who Tried Too Hard


 The Guy Who Gave it His All