Tailgating Checklist

Tailgating Checklist

May 14, 2016

The key to tailgating is simplicity. It’s going to be a long (but not long enough) summer of concerts, sporting events, and parties. You will need to be prepared for every single one. You need to develop a routine and compile all the basic necessities. To help guide you, we’ve created a simple checklist of tailgating necessities that are all must haves.


Jay and Silent Bob Drinking

To drink, obviously. If you’re not drinking you’re doing it wrong.


Ice Beer

To keep the beer cold.


To keep the ice cold for the beer.

Beer Pong Table

This is essential. Every good tailgate needs at least one organized game. A beer pong table has many functions—you can eat at it, play beer pong, and flip cup. You can also sit under it if you need some shade. You can pick up a table here.


Standing is hard. Bring a few chairs so you have a place to sit that isn’t pavement.


Food is something you have to cook. Preferably hot dogs or burgers. Again, keep it simple. You don’t need to bring a venison steak or a whole pig. You want to avoid things that require too many utensils because you probably forgot to bring plates.


Food and snacks are completely different. Snacks are chips, pretzels, candy corn—anything that comes pre-packaged and ready to go.


Because you can’t eat raw meat. Grab a cheap, portable grill at Walmart and use it only for tailgating.


What? You think you’ll be enjoying each other’s company the whole time?