The All-Time Weirdest Beer Pong House Rules

The All-Time Weirdest Beer Pong House Rules

May 18, 2016

Every home should have at least one house rule to set themselves apart, but sometimes the rules go a little too far. To help you choose one, we trolled the Internet to find the weirdest house rules out there.


Freshman Cup Rule

Bitch Cup Beer Pong

“If the first cup a person makes is the center cup [otherwise known as bitch cup] they have to play with their pants off until they make another cup.”

Skunk Rule


Naked Cartwheels

“We call it the skunk rule. If you get skunked, you have to do a naked lap around the house or to and from a nearby landmark. In the summer, guys must be naked head to toe and girls get 1 article of clothing--bras count as one and panties count as one, choose wisely, or be bold and pick shoes. In the winter, if there is snow on the ground, guys get to choose either shoes or underwear. Girls get 2 articles of clothing. (Hint: always pick shoes in the winter. Ice will tear you right the fuck up.”

Head Hunter

Ball to the Face

“If you catch an air ball before it hits the table or ground, you may then try to hit the person who threw it in the head, which is good for one cup."

Dance Cup

Dance Party

“If a player makes it in to one of the side cups that have already been made you yell dance cup and then everyone has to dance.”


Ball to the Face Kid

“If you throw the pong ball at the opposing players head immediately after receiving it and hit him in the head without touching the table then it is a cup. If you miss it just counts as your shot.”

Titty Cup

Flashing Comedy Central

“If you shoot the ball and it lands in opposing teams water gotta show your tittys (men or women) men never hesitate to show off the nips; it makes for a good laugh.”

Pull-Ball Rule

“If a player successfully makes a cup and the other team fails to pull said cup, then the team can try to hit said cup again until they either hit it or the other team pulls it. If they hit said cup, the game is over and the opposing team has to finish the drinks of both teams."


Bigfoot Mind Blown

“If you say "Grassman" all players must fast walk around the table going "rubrubrubrubrubrub" In a very deep voice... just google "Grassman."

Sniper Rule


“If someone is nursing a beer, they can be holding it or set it down either way, and you make it in their cup, game over.”

The Harry Potter Curse

Harry Potter Confingo Spell

Confringio - if your partner yells Confringio as you throw, then you just whip it at their cups, and you knock over a cup, it's out. They don't have to drink but the cups down.”

No Easy Buckets

Basketball Blocked Shot

“Once per game, whenever you want to, you or your partner can swat an incoming ball out of the air. You MUST yell no easy buckets or it doesn't count and you lose a cup. Best rule ever to play when people aren't expecting it.”