What To Do When You Play Your Ex in Beer Pong

What To Do When You Play Your Ex in Beer Pong

May 20, 2016

Beer Pong can be the end-all, be-all of competition. The winner not only wins, but gets to brag about it for the rest of time. Isn’t that what everyone wants—to hold some amazing victory over the head of another person?

Imagine if that person was your ex. It’s awkward enough to run into your ex at a party, let alone meet them at the one organized sport in the entire house.

So what do you do?


Friends Panic

That will be your first, immediate reaction. Maybe you saw them earlier and have had the opportunity to avoid them—but now, you’re trapped. You step up to the game and hear your ex’s name called from the waiting list. Your heart stops. Should you run?

Be Cool

Freaks and Geeks Be Cool

You don’t want them to know you’re freaking out, but you hope they’re also freaking out. You can’t be the only one, but you won’t let them know it. Don’t let them know anything. Just stand there. Bob your head in that cool way that says, ‘hello.’

Talk Trash

Star Wars Insults

Nothing too personal—don’t bring up each and every time they ever lied to you. Stick to the game. Get into their head and show them that this is just about the game. Make fun of their shot. Tell them there’s no way they will win.

Turn into the Hulk

Hulk Smash

Pretend like this is the last beer pong game you’ll ever play. If there was ever a game to win, this is it. Focus, shoot. Don’t mess up.

Talk More Trash

Big Brother Trash Talk

Never stop talking trash.

Hype Your Partner

Mean Girls Kevin G

Don’t forget they are there for you. A happy partner makes for a happy game.


Hells Kitchen Can't Afford to Lose

This is the most important part. If you don’t win, they win. Is that what you want?


Snow White High Fives

Shake their hand. Be the bigger person. Tell them it was a good game. They’ll see you moving on—after all, you’re winning beer pong.

Don’t Answer the Late Night Text

Mean Girls Africa

The relationship ended for a reason. Don’t bring it back.