8 Things That Happen When You’re a Die-Hard Beer Pong Player

8 Things That Happen When You’re a Die-Hard Beer Pong Player

May 25, 2016

People get really serious about beer pong—they throw punches or exchange harsh words over varied rules and regulations. There are a few stock players you find while playing the game, but only a few are die-hard players.

The most badass of the die-hard players compete in the World Series of Beer Pong every year in Vegas. Yes, the WSOBP is a real thing and your team could win $50,000. If you think you’re die-hard enough, you can sign up now.

Bring your skills out of the basement.

Here are the things that make you a die-hard player:

You’re overly critical when choosing a partner.

Clueless Dating

Your partner can make or break your game. You don’t want to choose someone who is too drunk, too short, too angry, or too flighty. You need to find someone just right who will get you where you need to be.

You monitor your alcohol intake.

Drink It Peer Pressure

You’re not a rookie frat boy looking to get hammered. You’re here to win. You don’t drink too much, but you also don’t drink too little. Being a little buzzed takes the pressure off.

You know the rules inside and out.

Learn Your Rules

According to Article 7 of Section 302, a player who says the word, “loser,” is automatically deemed the loser.

You know how to trash talk.

The Office Trash Talk

It’s not just “You Suck!” and the sarcastic, “Nice Shot.” Its trash talk that works it’s way down to their core and tears them down mentally. You don’t wave your hands around like a rookie. You break them from the inside. Bonus: Facebook your opponents beforehand to trash talk them on a more personal level.

You have a shooting strategy.

30 Rock ASS Strategy

You don’t shoot willy-nilly and you never make the center cup on the first shot. Maybe you shoot from the front and work your way back or vice versa. You have a set re-rack schedule you and you meticulously plan out every step of the game.

You don’t freak out.

Be Cool Breakfast Club

You don’t throw a fit if you’re behind or if someone breaks a rule. You’re calm and collected, like you’re on the final hole of the Masters. 

You know your statistics.

Anchorman Statistics

You know how many shots you’ve taken and how many you made. You probably have a shooting average. If you’re really into it, you’ve made yourself a player card.

You win.

Taylor Lautner Beer Pong

Or at least, you usually do. The odds are definitely in your favor.