6 Qualities That Make You a Great Beer Pong Player

6 Qualities That Make You a Great Beer Pong Player

June 23, 2016

Beer Pong is all fun and games until there's a $50,000 prize. 

So, what does it take to get there? Like any sport, it takes a combination of different qualities that turn you into a great player, as well as a great teammate. 


Confidence is a powerful drug and it can carry you through an entire game. 



All sports players have an intense drive and need to win. The more competitive you are, the more serious you will take each game.



This means never giving up. Even when you have a dip in your confidence, you can power through to a low moment and push through for a win.

Emotionally Mature

Control Your Emotions

This means not panicking, cursing, or losing your cool over one bad shot. It's about not letting the other team get to you, and not taking it our on your partner.


You must have faith that your partner will do their best. You have to trust them–this is a team game.


Unagi in Beer Pong

It's the state of total awareness. You know when that bounce is coming. You know when they're shooting for your drink cup. You just know