American Revolution Beer Pong is a Thing And It Has a Tournament

American Revolution Beer Pong is a Thing And It Has a Tournament

June 17, 2016

There are a number of versions of beer pong games out there–Quidditch Pong, Battleship, Civil War, etc., but who knew that American Revolution Beer Pong was a thing?

Well, it wasn't, until now.

Philadelphia is in the works of creating a Museum of the American Revolution, set to open in 2017. As a fundraiser, the MOAR, will be hosting a Red Coats vs. Blue Coats beer pong tournament at the New Liberty Distillery on Thursday, June 23rd. 

Tickets are available or $20, and qualifies you to compete for a number of gift cards, Phillies Tickets, and other great prizes. 

The tournament covers five of the most infamous battles of the Revolutionary War and strongly suggests you speak in an accent and use historical puns. So, this would be the time to show off your Revolutionary War knowledge, or at least brush up on the main points–like who was in it, the major characters, and the outcome, although hopefully, you already know the answer to each of those questions.

If you're interested in competing, you can purchase tickets here. If you want to go an support the Philadelphia arts scene, you can buy your tickets at the same spot.

All proceeds will be used to preserve M*AR's Tryphena Punch Bowl.

Find out who will reign this time around: The Loyalists or the Patriots?