How to be a Winner

How to be a Winner

June 15, 2016

Beer pong is an art. A well-crafted skill that requires you to be drunk enough to play, but sober enough to aim. To be a winner, you need impeccable balance and a determination that burns from within. In short, it's not for the faint of heart.

Maybe you're not so great at beer pong, or maybe you have the occasional good game, giving you hope that one day, you too can compete in the World Series of Beer Pong.

We've compiled some tips to help you get there.

Choose the perfect partner

You're My Lobster Beer Pong Partner

Your partner should be different than you. It might make sense to put two of the tallest people together on the table, but being tall doesn't make you good. Choose someone who compliments you. If you're short, find someone tall. If you're tall, find someone short. Find someone who has a better bounce than you, or who is better at aiming than you are. Having a good partner will make you appear to be a better player than you are.

Work with new angles

Pivot Beer Pong

You're not limited to standing directly behind the table, throwing straight ahead. Stand on the corner of the table to get a new look at things–it could save you a re-rack in the end.

Use your whole body

Use Your Body in Beer Pong

Angle your feet (shooting foot forward), bend your knees, lift with your calves, arc with you back, and follow through with the wrist. It's not just an arm movement. You can do it, put your back into it!

Take advantage of the water cup

Water Cup in Beer Pong

The water cup is there for a reason. And no––it's not just there to clean your balls, because if you're using our PongCaddie Nets, your balls won't get dirty. Instead, the water cup can be used strategically. The water adds a little weight to the ball, making it easier to aim, as well as giving it an extra grip layer.

Keep on drinking

Drinking in Beer Pong

Don't drink so much that you fall over, but you'll think less when you drink. This is the only time in life that this is good advice. The beer will help you relax and not overthink every shot.

Bounce quickly, but not too often

Bouncing in Beer Pong

The bounce is an extremely effective shot, but can definitely be overdone. If you bounce every cup, you're not only going to look like an asshole, but the other team will be able to block every shot you take. To eliminate their probabilities of blocking your shots, bounce quickly at the beginning of your turn when they're not paying attention.

See your shot through

It's all in the wrist, but also in your follow through. If you follow your shot with your wrist, the chances of you making the cup are higher. If your wrist is pointing at the cup at the end of your shot, you were probably close, if not spot-on.

Take it one cup at a time

Beer pong cups

Don't shoot willy nilly. Know what cups need to be made and have a strategy. Don't throw it at the cups and hope it hits one of them. Pick one and nail it. Once you're confident enough, call it in advance.

Aim for the back of the cup


And arc your shot. 

Talk like a winner

Beer Pong Trash Talk Losers Walk Friends

Gloating is very real and trash talk is a necessity.