Beer pong is life, but dirty balls aren't. PongCaddie sets out to make sure your balls are clean, stay in place and allow for more beer pong games to be played. Our PongCaddie is a patented beer pong net looking to cradle your balls after every throw. 


We were attending a friend’s graduation party and enjoying a casual game of beer pong when poof! An epiphany: beer pong nets!  All the balls picked up off the ground and then landing in our cups were dirty and RUINING a perfectly good beer. We came up with the idea to attach nets to the back of beer pong tables so the balls stayed clean and in place. That's where it all began...

We then realized the nets were also going to enforce the leaning rule AND hold our balls. 

Since that breakthrough moment, our team has worked relentlessly to take that idea and design a product that is functional, durable, attractive, and easy to use. We created several prototypes that worked OK, but this wasn't good enough. So we added some cushion (softer netting) and a pouch for our balls to drop into.  

PongCaddie came to life!

SOCIAL CAUSE - Save Your Balls!!! 

PongCaddie also involves itself in social causes such as the Testicular Cancer Foundation. With the tagline "Save Your Balls," it's only fitting that we help a great cause like TCF! PongCaddie will donate $1 for every $100 in sales, we also encourage direct donations to