Problem Solved

1. Tired of washing dirty balls?

Improve sanitary issues due to dirty balls.

2. Air ball shots over the cups?

Catches air balls over the cups and slides nicely into a pocket. Grabs balls that bounce off of the cups and land behind the table.

3. Your buddy keep leaning?

Enforce the leaning rule without anyone officiating. Once installed on a table PongCaddie provides the perfect spacing to keep 'em honest.

4. Long wait to get in the game?

Increase the speed of your game by actually shooting and not chasing missed shots. It's OK if you suck, that's not the point.

5. Can you block shots still?

YES! We get this question all the time and the answer is 100% yes. We designed our nets with the perfect height based off our research. It's just tall enough to catch missed shots and just short enough to block any bounce shots.